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One object, many questions: a collaboration with Ravensbrück Memorial

Currently on display in the Fashion Room of the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition is the prisoner's jacket of Maria Schwella, who was interned in the Ravensbrück concentration camp in 1944. Imprisoned women had to make jackets like this in the camp’s internal tailor shop.

The clothing that prisoners wore was intended to make them recognisable, to discipline them and to deny them their individuality. Andrea Genest, director of the Ravensbrück Memorial, and staff member Sabine Röwer discuss, among other things, how female prisoners used clothing to protect themselves from the inhumane conditions in the concentration camp – and how they even customised and embellished it.

Moderation: Frauke Miera

About One Object, Many Questions

Questions from many different angles focused on a specific object from BERLIN GLOBAL. Be it provenance, restoration, location in time and space, tie to Berlin and the world plus a great variety of subjects – there are no limits when it comes to interconnections. The invited professional expert will introduce surprising perspectives with his background knowledge and expertise. He will be able to supply far more information than there is ordinarily room for in an exhibition. The complexity and possibly also contradictoriness of the object and its research are addressed as well. The object will be ‘brought to life’ and unlocked for the public even if they have no prior knowledge.


Dr Andrea Genest is a political scientist and the director of the Ravensbrück Memorial, as well as the deputy director of the Brandenburg Memorials Foundation. She has worked at various memorial sites in Poland and Germany. Her academic work is devoted to contemporary German and Polish history and the culture of remembrance.

Sabine Röwer has worked at the Ravensbrück Memorial since 1987 and currently works in its collection/repository.

Dr Frauke Miera is a political scientist and curator specialising in urban history, migration and discrimination. She has been working at the Stadtmuseum Berlin since 2021. Before that she was a freelance curator and worked on the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition, among others.

- Admission from 5:30 pm
- 10,00 EUR /5,00 EUR reduced
- Duration: 60 min
- 16 years and older
- Language: For people with hearing impairment, English / German
- 3rd floor

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