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Creative leisure time for children

Print your own covers and bind booklets. Create simple motifs in linocut or individual words in lead type. The printing is done on the covers of small books, which are bound at the end of the workshop. This results in individual sketchbooks and notebooks.

You will get to know various printing techniques, tools and the seemingly ancient machines of an artistic print shop. The course encourages the joy of experimentation, drawing skills and powers of observation. It sharpens the eye for detail and provides access to art and printing techniques.

For children aged 8 to 12

Date: Saturday, 24.02.2024
Time: 13:00 - 18:00

Location: Printmaking studio
                 Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Straße 3, 10407 Berlin

Fee: 26,00 € (incl. material fee)

Registration via Jugend im Museum

(Program in German)
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