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Since the mid-80s the Californian trio surprises its fans again and again with grandiose-twisted music, outlandish ideas and bizarre videos, imaginative costumes and exciting artwork. It's not for nothing that Primus has influenced many bands of different musical genres. However, their blend of alt-punk-avant-garde-psychedelic-country-attack with the often very surreal lyrics is unique and one of a kind.

Primus © Chapman Baehler

When Primus go on tour, they always have a surprise with them, too. They called their current tour "A Tribute to Kings Tour" for a reason.

In the second part of their concert, the band plays a special foreign composition: the theme "A Tribute To Kings" is a tribute to the legendary album "A Farewell To Kings" by Rush, which was released in 1977. At that time, the Canadian prog rockers presented a daring mixture that processed literary quotations and was produced as a musical science fiction radio play. With this good half hour, music history changed at that time, finds Primus bassist Les Claypool. Playing and reinterpreting this record in full at the gigs is, for him, a fitting tribute to a band that has always inspired him greatly over the course of his long career, he told Rolling Stone. In fact, Primus have been touring the U.S. with this program for some time, achieving insane success with it and having to extend the trip several times.

How it sounds, they will show live at their performance in Berlin.

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