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PRAXISSCHOCK - Der Slam der angehenden Lehrkräfte

Certain: Teacher training is not the most poetic time in life – but that is exactly what we are going to change! With the PRAXISSCHOCK – the poetry slam of the trainee teachers!

What is Poetry slam? A competition with words in which people present stories, dialogues or other texts they have written to the audience.

The audience uses a voting board to vote on the best text and presentation. There is a time limit of 5 minutes. Music accompaniment, singing, mutual dissent, costumes and other aids are not permitted. What matters is the impact of personal performance.

In PRAXISSCHOCK those come on stage who want to share and get rid of their suffering, their worries, but also all the bizarre situations and the sheer joy of being a new teacher. Regardless of the subject – all texts relating to the preparatory service phase of life are sought at PRAXISSCHOCK.

Registrations at: anna-sophia.fritsche[at]
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