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Yasmeen Godder Company

Across the planet, there is talk of divided societies, of constantly increasing polarisation and extremism. In these developments, Yasmeen Godder sees above all a loss of empathy: the ability to think oneself into the situation of the other person.

She responds to this condition with an uncommon step: “Practicing Empathy #3”, part of a trilogy, is the first solo piece that she has developed for herself in her career. In this work, Godder works alone with feelings of exclusion and isolation. She asks what makes a deeper connection to the self possible, ultimately so as to form new connections with others.

70 min

As part of Tanz im August

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Additional information
Production Yasmeen Godder Company, Künstlerhaus MousonturmCommissioned by Frankfurter Positionen 2021, an initiative of the BHF Bank FoundationSupported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The production was supported by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs, the general consulate of Germany, and Japan.Supported by NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ Gastspielförderung Tanz, gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundes-regierung für Kultur und Medien, sowie den Kultur- und Kunstministerien der Länder.
Participating artists
Yasmeen Godder (Gestaltung, Choreografie, Performance)
Nir Vidan (Dramaturgie & Probenleitung)
Monica Gillette (Projektdramaturgie)
Gili Avissar (Objekte)
Gili Godiano (Konstruktion)
Tamar Orr (Lichtdesign)
“Track 4” – Clogs (“Stick Music”) (Schlagstockgeräusch)
Padma Newsome (Musikkomposition)
Padma Newsome (Musikarrangement)
Jennifer Choi (Musik)
Erik Friedlander (Musik)
Bryce Dessner (Musik)
Padma Newsome / “Different Pulses” – Asaf Avidan (Musik)
“Star Glass” – Lior Pinsky (Musik)
Shirley Itzik (Kostümbild)
Ruby Star (Kostümbild)
Omer Alsheich (Produktionsmanagement)
Zohar Eshel-Acco (Administration)
Amina Nouns (Technische Produktionsleitung (HAU1))
Dorothea Spörri (Technische Produktionsleitung (HAU1))
Tom Sattler (Bühne (HAU1))
Jörg Fischer (Bühne (HAU1))
Kristof Meers (Bühne (HAU1))
Dominik Stillfried (Bühne (HAU1))
Marc Zeuske (Licht (HAU1))
Boris Meier (Licht (HAU1))
Fabian Boldt (Licht (HAU1))
Ulrich Kellermann (Licht (HAU1))
Louis Rixner (Licht (HAU1))
Friedrich Schmidt (Licht (HAU1))
Marius Bratoveanu (Video (HAU1))
Julia Cremers (Video (HAU1))
Torsten Schwarzbach (Ton (HAU1))
Matthias Kirschke (Ton (HAU1))
Gabi Bartels (Kostümbetreuung (HAU1))