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Potsdamer Platz is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a two-day festival on September 15th and 16th. This centrally located location in Berlin symbolizes the city's significant urban development. In addition to acknowledging the past and the long-standing existence, the focus is also on the new beginnings and future visions for this district.

A notable highlight is the recently opened shopping and entertainment destination called The Playce, which has been attracting visitors with new shops, events and concepts since September 15, 2022. Another exciting innovation is the introduction of a pedestrian zone on Alte Potsdamer Straße.

The anniversary program kicks off on September 13th and 14th with a warm-up event at The Playce, offering a diverse mix of entertainment and culture, including guided tours, inspiring workshops for children and a sports program.

During the festival, Potsdamer Platz will shine in new splendor and be accessible to everyone free of charge, with some workshops being offered for a small fee. The highlight of the festival will take place on Marlene-Dietrich-Platz, where musicians such as Vanessa Mai, Megaloh and Aisha Vibes will perform live.

The local restaurants warmly welcome visitors. The festival is intended to celebrate both the anniversary and the upcoming opening of the pedestrian zone. The Potsdamer Platz district places particular emphasis on promoting art, culture and sustainability.

In order to create a festive atmosphere, the entire Potsdamer Platz will be redesigned. Visitors are greeted by an impressive, five-meter-high festival entrance in many colors and can experience exciting new activities at every corner.

The festival site is also home to the Potsdamer Platz Kiosk, which presents creative merchandise designed by Berlin artist Jill Senft. A food market tempts with delicious dishes, and an exciting wheel of fortune raffle ensures excitement.

Even the youngest festival visitors don't miss out and can explore the dwarf city, a modular play world, and admire impressive bubble artists. There is also the option to leave a birthday message for Potsdamer Platz at Mural Painting.

Creative minds have the opportunity to try their hand at paper folding classes and making eco-friendly earrings. Adults can take part in wellness classes such as yoga and soundbathing and be pampered by professional make-up and nail artists for the perfect festival styling. XXL games provide additional fun and entertainment.
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