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Although these scenes are capable of action, are internationally networkedand active in institutional contexts, they have so far often been denied recognition in cultural policy and funding as an independent literary art form.

POSITIONEN - Spokenword-Poetry Revue
POSITIONEN - Spokenword-Poetry Revue © Marvin Ruppert

Oscillating between underground clubs, galleries, off-spaces, established literary venues and the stages of the largest theatres, the protagonists of this form of live literature present themselves in the most diverse contexts and confront themselves and their poetry with an ever-changing and diverse audience.

In August of this year, ten spoken word poets presented a position paper for the first time.taking into account as many perspectives as possible, a position paper as a proposal for thepoetological self-determination of the German-language spoken word, the revue in the capital is now intended to lay the foundation for an intensive discussion of this lively literary form.

On this evening, the poets will present their positions on the stage of the Maschinenhaus in a polyphonic, contradictory and unfinished manner.

Spoken word evening with ተመስገን ተስፉ (Temye Tesfu) | Tanasgol Sabbagh | Miedya Mahmod | Dean Ruddock | Ken Yamamoto | Timo Brunke | Dirk Hülstrunk | Samuel Kramer | Danielle de Picciotto (digital) | Josefine Berkholz 7

This event is part of the conference "Neubau / Umbau: Lyrik und ihre Gewerke" ("New Construction / Reconstruction: Poetry and its Trades"), organised by Netzwerk Lyrik e.V. and funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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Kulturbrauerei, Maschinenhaus