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Ein Gesprächskonzert vor Originalen mit dem Titans Rising Ensemble für Alte Musik

Many delightful compositions for transverse flute, mandolin, harp and voice have survived from the 18th century. The "Große Musikantengruppe" made in Fulda around 1775 shows a group of aristocrats made of the finest porcelain, who make music in exactly this composition.

On closer inspection, however, questions arise: is the small concert taking place inside or outside, in a castle or in a park? Did the modeler represent a mandolin or a lute here? And where is the harp? Four musicians specializing in historically informed performance practice will perform corresponding pieces of music during the event.

The curators explain art and music historical contexts, and musical samples can be heard right in front of the originals.

The event begins in the Museum of Decorative Arts and continues in the neighboring Museum of Musical Instruments, which is within walking distance.

Participation is free with a valid museum ticket.

Please register at the Musical Instrument Museum: Tel. 030/25481178 or

The project is funded by the Board of Trustees of Prussian Cultural Heritage.
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Meeting point: Kasse Kunstgewerbemuseum

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