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Zahra has been using paper as a main material in her artistic practice as a visual artist for some years. She creates drawings, books and book-like objects. Stefan plays with unstable surfaces in the field of performance.

As part of their residency at Heizhaus between September 11-24, Zahra and Stefan are exploring their individual practices by looking at them from each other’s perspectives.

Zahra´s work deals with the points where different fields intersect, by tracing the transformations that lead from a found object to a drawing to a print. More recently, in her drawing practice, she has been referencing the basic principles of conventional writing. For example, by following straight lines across the page and then letting her hand run its own course.

Stefan, in his movement-based process, problematizes the instability of table tops as places of inscription. His practice investigates the relation between body and text, neither balanced nor imbalanced states, and the impossibility of fixing things.

At the end of their residency period, they invite the public audience for an open studio. There will be a display of objects followed by two performances.
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Zahra Rashid & Stefan Hölscher