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In POMMES MIT MAYO (Fries with Mayonnaise), countertenor Rupert Enticknap will be put in a trance on stage to channel the extraordinary music of the legendary monster "Tegli" from Lake Tegel. Part of the ensemble will be the jazz-metal trio Malstrom, performer Caroline Beach and composer Nico Sauer.

Audiences of all ages will be invited to join in the collective evocation. Together, the auditorium will be transformed into a simulacrum in which the soundscape of a summer afternoon at the beach will be brought to life and hypnotic shadow plays will be cast on Rupert's half-closed eyelids. In a moment of utmost ecstasy, Rupert will become Tegli's medium and the mysterious monster music will awaken from the depths of Lake Tegel.
Additional information
Vocals/Medium: Rupert Enticknap

Performance/Choreographie: Caroline Beach

Band: Florian Walter (saxophone), Axel Zajac (electric guitar), and Jo Beyer (drums)

Composition/Direction/MC: Nico Sauer

Costume/Set Design: Shelley Tootell

Graphics and Printing: Markus Stein (kopierwerkstatt)

Coordination: bigger space gUG


Funded by the inm - initiative neue musik berlin e.V.