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Improvised Scenes with a Poetic Twist: Witness the thrilling fusion of poetry and improvisation as the talented performers bring scenes to life inspired by poems. That is: spontaneous, unscripted scenes. Expect drama, comedy, laughter, emotions, and dreams as these artists weave their magic on stage.

Unscripted Theater:

Experience the excitement of improvised theater, where every moment is unscripted, uncharted, and unexpected. Our cast of seasoned improvisers will keep you on the edge of your seat with their quick wit and creative storytelling.

Open Mic Poetry:

They invite aspiring poets and wordsmiths from the audience to join us on stage during our open mic segment. Share your own poetry and be part of the magic! Sign up in advance  to secure your spot.

Don't Miss this Unique Opportunity:

‍This event is a rare and extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of spontaneous art, where words and actions collide to create something truly special. Whether you're a poetry enthusiast, a theater lover, or simply looking for a night of entertainment that defies convention, this event promises to be a memorable experience.

Meet the Cast:


Summer Banks from ImprovWorks

Irene Rujas from ESIMPRO

Joanna Jourdan from LIBER

Alejandro Cruz from DNA. & ESIMPRO

Geoff Mills


Emma Bronstein from DNA.

Nolan Parose from DNA.

Emma IN KLEIN from DNA.