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Whether techno is played on acoustic instruments, experimental instrumentations are used or styles such as rock, indie, pop and electronic music are merged with relish.

After the Tischlerei and Kulissenmagazin were the floors last year, this year's festival will take place on the main stage.

The festival "Playground" is an invitation to the open and a platform for artists who expand the term "jazz" to a very inspiring and broader definition than is traditionally the case.

Rave in the opera house: at the Playground Festival, the Deutsche Oper Berlin becomes a club and invites progressive bands, musicians and DJs onto the stage.

After the successful first edition in summer 2022 in the Tischlerei and Kulissenmagazin, the festival is now moving to the stage of the Großes Haus.

Four hot acts bring handmade, infectious dancefloor sound and show that electronic music and classical-acoustic instruments, club culture and opera go together.

Confirmed headliners are Brandt Brauer Frick, who have been shaping the scene with their fusion of electronic dance music, jazz and contemporary-classical music since their founding in 2008.

So get your tickets quickly and: Put on your dancing shoes!

The announcement of further acts will follow at a later date.
Additional information
Admission to the house begins at 19.00.
Participating artists
Brandt Brauer Frick (Mit u. a.)
Ameli Paul (Mit u. a.)