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PLAY - a guest series: Runners

Two jugglers on a treadmill, they run and run and can't get down, while a musician orchestrates them through a series of games and experiments. What drives them? What moves them?

PLAY - eine Gastspielreihe: Runners
PLAY - eine Gastspielreihe: Runners Chamäleon Berlin GmbH

Running in itself is an incredibly efficient form of human locomotion. Have you ever thought about how many muscles are needed to run, how many neural pathways are used between the head and the leg for each jump? What does the body have to coordinate - for seemingly automatic processes? Remember how Maradona scored a goal in the World Cup final, or feel the exhaustion of a marathon runner as he crosses the finish line. Running has so many emotions: It has to do with stress and it has to do with survival, it has to do with adrenaline, it has to do with desire, it has to do with fear, whether you're being chased or you're being chased.

Juggling is a similar phenomenon. Throwing and catching are also complex biomechanical processes. Runners celebrates the evolution of human running and throwing in an increasingly immobile society: a circus show that combines excellent juggling, amazing objects and incredible sounds.

Walking machines on stage expand the perception and experience of speed, both in running and juggling. Because what happens below and what the legs do is naturally reflected in the upper body. But at the same time, you don't get anywhere because you're running on the spot. In other words, logic turns around, the ground beneath us moves, and we can't help but react.

The two characters Alex and Jonas are bound by the rules of these objects and are led through a series of games and experiments orchestrated by the third character Moises.

Awarded by Circus ON 2021

PLAY is synonymous with the joy of play with which we have put together this program. It is a powerful and contemporary tribute to the circus and a series of guest performances that would have been unthinkable at the Chameleon before. Young, up-and-coming companies from Germany, cool insider tips and renowned prize winners from past festivals come together here. The planned pieces form a wonderful density of different circus styles, are all outstanding creations and a unique opportunity to travel the world of new circus without any stress.

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Chamäleon Berlin (in den Hackeschen Höfen)
Chamäleon Berlin (in den Hackeschen Höfen)
Chamäleon Berlin (in den Hackeschen Höfen)