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Fenster zum Osten - shibak sharqi gGmbH

We see dance as a basic human need. It is constantly developing and evolving in parallel to the evolution of society and the diversity of dance styles have a direct correlation to the diversity of people and society. We want to break down the barriers between the different dance forms, let them interact with each other and bring them all together in one stage.

Uferstudios innen
Uferstudios innen © Uferstudios, Foto Guido Borgers

A place to create – a place to perform – a place to connect:

„PLATFORM 14“ is a yearly dance event provided by artists to promote and support fellow up-and-coming dance artists and choreographers. The Platform creates a space where the artists can get to know each others movement languages and unique perceptions on dance, exposing them to facilities to connect and network, allowing possible future collaborations and creating strong bonds after a a shared experience of performing and moving together in a week of dance and art. Together with artists from different backgrounds and orientations, we hope to create a stimulating evening full of opportunities to strike up conversations, bond through the artists works, and share our passion for the art of dance with the audience.

The final program will be announced by the end of June 2022.
Additional information
A Fenster zum Osten – shibak sharqi gGmbH production funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa (Programm Spartenoffene Förderung) and kindly supported by Uferstudios.


Artistic direction: Roosa Sofia Nirhamo, Aseel Qupty | PR: Kerstin Böttcher | translations: Anna Baroud | photography: Daniela Incoronato | production: Christine Schmidt, Fenster zum Osten – shibak sharqi gGmbH