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On Symbiotic Neighbourhoods

This workshop draws on agricultural practices that help understand neighborhoods as the soil that people plant and water. The Neighbor in Residence of Gropius Bau, hn. lyonga, invites the participants to sow, plant and harvest together in order to position, move and be in the neighborhood.

This workshop will use different modes of production found in agriculture as a way to think about the manifold ways in which people, initiatives, institutions and non-human beings can be neighbours in cities and elsewhere. It addresses and extends the idea of the neighbourhood to include non-human actors who are oftentimes invisibilised but vital parts of our social life.

This workshop is part of the programme becoming neighbours conceived by Neighbour in Residence hn. lyonga.

With The  Field Narratives Collective and the  Bauhütte Kreuzberg e.V.
Additional information
Meeting point: Gropius Bau, Resonance Room (Ground floor)

Price info: Free admission