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PING PONG is an exhibition project by 11 artists* in the project spaces of Flutgraben e.V. A metaphorical table tennis tournament serves as the starting point for a playful exchange with the goal of artistic production. The exhibits range from painting, drawing and object art to sound and video works. In addition, a ping-pong table invites visitors to playfully participate in the collective exchange of blows.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: PING PONG
© Renata Müller-Tiburtius

In times of war, energy and climate crisis, solidarity plays a special role. We believe that all these complex problems can only be solved collectively. The ping pong table is understood as a social place of exchange and the constant back and forth inherent in ping pong as a catalyst for creative work and passionate (art) production.

At the start of the game, each player received a photograph of another team member on the theme of ping pong, which was then responded to artistically. The medium was chosen by the artists themselves. In the later course of the "ping pong tournament," the team went back into exchange to reflect on and weave in the insights that emerged. The results of this process are shown in the exhibition at Flutgraben e.V. on an area of 240 m2 in Berlin.