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Starting with an introduction to the topic, we learn a lot of interesting facts about fungi as well as the biological and ecological basics of these organisms. With the help of various objects (made of and with fungi) to examine and touch, the manifold possibilities of use become clear.

We will go into the different ways of life of fungi, clarify why 100 years ago it was still thought that fungi belonged to plants and what fungi have to do with Ötzi or climate change.

Afterwards we will go on a tour into the world of mushrooms with all participants and introduce to different mushrooms in the Spreepark. However, the focus will not be on the usual edible mushrooms. We will, however, explain how and where mushrooms can be observed throughout the year.

Our goal is to change the view on mushrooms. We would like to initiate a rethinking, to perceive mushrooms also as huge, but hidden organisms.

The workshop will be conducted by the two mushroom enthusiasts and artists Ulf Beck and Benjamin Nurgenç, who have already approached the topic of mushrooms artistically.

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Meeting Point at Gate Dammweg/Infopavillon