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They're classics. And excellent. Often and deservedly. Because of this unusual virtuosity in lyrics and music, the precise observation and merciless commentary on the zeitgeist. And because of the SalonHipHop. Which they invented and continue to develop.

Pigor & Eichhorn
Pigor & Eichhorn © Thomas Nitz

Without the finely beaten popular hits that Thomas Pigor ficts and Benedikt Eichhorn musically illustrates, there would have been no national singing competition for years, because the applicants for this renowned award would have run out of intelligently witty song material. Therefore, the two grand seigneurs of the smug social commentary have declared themselves willing to give even younger semesters and older career changers an entry aid in the matter of "Pigor and Eichhorn and what it's all about": with early scandals and mature pearls, with their own favourite songs and alienated visitations, with a fund of conférences that can range from the salon of the disinterested to the PowerNap of the restless. Whether MeckPomm or Senegal, whether dream work or celibacy - with the innovators of German-language chanson there is a surprise at every station.

(Program in German)
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