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Duo ›con emozione‹

"500 Years of Roses in Music and Literature: Their Symbolism and the Mystery of the Thorns" - Experience a captivating performance of songs, melodies, lyrics and anecdotes centered around the rose - a journey through five centuries of history and entertainment united in a unique way!

This extraordinary compilation includes works by famous composers and writers such as Handel, Konopacki, Mozart, Schubert, Cornelius, von Dalberg, Fietzke, zu Eulenburg, Hiller, Zelter and many others.

In the texts of Herder, Goethe, Schlegel, Heine, Fontane and others you will find a varied depiction of the rose and its meaning. The musical compositions by Handel, Konopacki, Mozart, Schubert, Cornelius, von Dalberg, zu Eulenburg, Hiller, Zelter and Fietzke complement these literary works in a harmonious way.

The listeners can expect a rich repertoire of songs, melodies, texts and anecdotes - all historically based, rousing and lively! You will be treated to classics such as "She looks like a rose bush", "Ros and Lily", "Last Rose..." and "Good evening, good night...!" excited and invited to hum and sing along. But the highlight of the concert will undoubtedly be the unveiling of the answer to the intriguing question: "Why do roses have thorns?"

An afternoon full of emotions and insights awaits you - immerse yourself in the magical world of roses in music and literature!

Duo ›con emozione‹

  • Liane Fietzke, soprano/presenter
  • Norbert Fietzke, piano

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