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The New York Times celebrated pianist Soheil Nasseri with the following words: "A stirring pianist [...] always interesting, thoughtful and full of character [...] a superb technique."

The Berliner Zeitung wrote "Class! Hats off! [At the Beethoven] one could enjoy oneself at the highest level."

In addition to such enthusiastic international praise, millions have seen and heard Soheil Nasseri via television, radio, and the Internet. "The new star of piano playing," writes Italy's La Repubblica.

Concert program:

  • Mozart: Sonata in D major K311
  • Beethoven: Andante favori
  • Wagner, Liszt: Tannhäuser Overture
  • Brahms: Hungarian Dances 1-8
Additional information
Price info: Reservation and advance booking by the organizer:
regular 35 €
first row tickets 45 €

without plus fees:
Bank transfer (with mail contact in the subject line) to 21st Century Classical:
Deutsche Bank DE22100700240283192301
Info and confirmation of receipt: 030-2349-3129

plus 7% handling fee via Paypal or credit card

Reduced price: €35.00