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In terms of art history, the photo collage is a young art form and enjoys great popularity today. Numerous design possibilities and strong image messages make good collages a powerful communication tool. Thus, some collages are considered image icons of their time and were also used in advertising.

The exhibition presents a collection of photo collages dealing with the theme of fragmenting and defragmenting. With simple means, collage can be used to assemble pictorial worlds that, in addition to the motif, are strongly influenced by form and color and can also extend into the abstract. They make it possible to leave the classical pictorial language of photography and create something new.

The exhibited works are a mixture of analog and digital photo collages that explore in different ways the relationship between own images and their alienation. By cutting up and reassembling photographs, a new, "synthetic" level of meaning and interpretation is created. By rearranging and gluing (colle = glue) various elements, cutouts, strips, or scraps of an existing photograph onto a support, canvas, or solid surface, a new whole is created. The term synthesis means the assembling of one's own photographs into a collage and describes objects and pictorial relationships that are not possible in this way in reality.

A famous representative of the photo collage was Hannah Höch, a Dada artist. Starting in 1916, the artist couple Raoul Hausmann and Hannah Höch experimented with the combination of many individual picture elements and claimed the invention of the art form photo collage for themselves.

The exhibition of NKI's artist:s with the guest artist:s offers the viewer a new experience and the stimulation to reflect on the complexity of what is stored in the human visual memory. The works presented here, using the artist's own photographs on the theme of "photo collage," show the artistic power and potential that lies in the reinterpretation of images and memories.

Art action day
In the exhibition, a community photo collage will be created interactively. For this, photos will be collected in a box on the day of the vernissage and until 12.5. or deposited with larger photos.

Gluing will be on Sat 13.5. 12 -18 clock