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Illusions, Magic Stunts & Comedy

On October 7, 2023, magician and illusionist Peter Valance can be experienced in the Ernst Reuter Hall at the Reinickendorf City Hall.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Peter Valance

For over 20 years, Peter Valance has been thrilling audiences with his unique shows. He masters not only the small tricks at the table, but also the big and spectacular illusions on the show stage.
Starting with his Las Vegas illusion show, through audience close-up magic to comedy magic, magician Valance looks back on thousands of magic show programs.

Magician Valance is considered Germany's best illusionist.
No wonder, if you develop your passion for magic in early childhood. Peter Valance is a likeable magician whose illusion arts were awarded with the Merlin Award. He is the perfect symbiosis between magic, illusion and charming comedy. A triumvirate that makes every magic show a true experience for the audience.

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