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Trivocal, world music, guest performance

Three voices - one sound. The desire for virtuoso three-part singing and the joy of bringing it into a meaningful form has brought them together. Sophisticated harmony singing and spirited improvisation, musical finesse and the joy of playing music combine in a lively body of sound to which the three voices grow together.

"Peter, Paul & Mary in the next generation" describes only a little of the fascination that emanates from this band. Because the three can do more than cover. They help themselves from a wide variety of genres and create sophisticated musical gems. They accompany their wonderful voices with guitars, harmonica, melodica and percussion.

They play: Judith Schwartz (Voc, Percussion, Melodica), Thomas von Seckendorff (Voc, Guitar) and Toni Zitzelsberger (Voc, Guitar, Harmonica).

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Freilichtbühne Globe Berlin