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Jazz-Rock-Fusion / “TA2“ CD Release Tour

Instrumental variety - in the form of organized independence wrapped in driving groove - that is TA2, and much more: in the tradition of legendary fusion bands such as Return To Forever, John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra or the Dixie Dregs, the four musicians plumb the renowned jazz guitarist Peter Autschbach pushes the boundaries of rock, pop and jazz with their skills and enthusiasm. TA2 presents its acoustic wanderings through the musical landscapes in its own, recognizable group sound.

Marta Danilkovich's virtuoso violin playing gives TA2 a high recognition value, she is skilfully staged by Nico Deppisch on bass and Jan Melnik/Jordan Proffer on drums - while Peter Autschbach offers her friendly defiance with rousing solos.

"Fusion of the highest quality"!

Jazz-Rock-Fusion / “TA2“ CD Release Tour

  • Peter Autschbach - electric guitar
  • Marta Danilkovich - violin
  • Jan Melnik / Jordan Proffer (USA) – drums
  • Nico Deppisch - electric bass
Admission: 20 euro

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