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»Porn positive. What pornography has to do with feminism, self-determination and good sex« Book premiere - Literature LIVE

"What do you fancy today? What not?” Paulita Pappel was asked these questions for the first time on a porn set. Thanks to her work naked in front of the camera, she has learned to love her body.

As a director and intimacy coordinator, she creates spaces where people can talk openly, where mutual understanding is established and boundaries are negotiated. All this has enriched her private life and she is convinced that many other people can benefit from this knowledge.

Paulita Pappel understands pornography as a tool of emancipation, as a safe place for sexual self-discovery. If porn were no longer relegated to the fringes of society—in the sleazy corner—a culture shift would be possible that could make room for diversity, for difference, and for equality.

In her book, Paulita Pappel shows how people can free themselves from internalized fears and shame and live a self-determined sexuality.

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