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Curator's tour

The collection of the Ethnological Museum from Amazonia is the starting point and object of a constantly expanding and changing network of joint research and curating, of exchange and mediation.

The objects preserved in Dahlem and exhibited in the Humboldt Forum are brought back to life - but interpretations and attributions also change. Together with partners from international cooperation projects, curator Andrea Scholz speaks about the challenge of conveying the dynamics and permanent processes of knowledge in the exhibition. Among other things, it is about the collection from the Upper Rio Negro (Brazil/Colombia) and the history of the whites, about techniques and material practice at the Upper Xingú (Central Brazil) and about a first stolen by missionaries and currently lent staff of the Ndyuka (Maroons) from Suriname.

PARTICIPANTS: Dr. Andrea Scholz, Thiago da Costa Oliveira, Denilson Baniwa

- 8,00 EUR per person
- Please book your ticket in advance online or at the ticket office in the foyer.
- from 12 years
- Language: German
- Group size: max. 20 persons
- Belongs to: The Particular View

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