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"Emil and the Detectives", published in 1929, is probably Erich Kästner's best-known book. "Too modern" was the opinion at the time. His precise observation and description of the present were too modern. The nationalists in particular did not like this. When the books were burned in 1933, his writings were named third. He himself watched and described the scene.

For a while he was still allowed to publish under a pseudonym, including a number of screenplays. From 1927 to 1929 he lived at Prager Platz. No wonder Emil finds his "gang" there. But Erich Kästner also wrote for adults. We go in search of clues in Wilmersdorf.

  • City guide: Monika Kleiner
  • Meeting point: Church at Hohenzollernplatz (near underground station Hohenzollernplatz)
  • Cost: €12
  • Aimed at: Adults
  • in German
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