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a psychedelic ritual

VOICE: Hello human. Are you ready to enter Paradise Circus? HUMAN: What do I have to do? VOICE: You have to kill your ego.

An AI voice and a human body embark on a psychedelic journey into the mystical world of Paradise Circus, an inner territory where all things and all feelings are possible.

Inspired by Tomthy Leary´s  "The Psychedelic  Experience," the piece deals with the irrational and with what remains incomprehensible to the rational mind. By shifting the focus from the patterns and structures of ordinary thought to visions of the subconscious, Paradise Circus aims to examine issues of modern society from an extraordinary, mind-expanding perspective.
Additional information
Concept, Choreography, Text, Performance: Despina Kapetanaki

Music, Sound Design: Nilsen Grey

Light design: Francisca Saez Agurto

Distribution: Apricot Productions