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In this presentation of the graphic collection, the Ephraim Palais presents a setting in Berlin school history and personalities associated with it.

July 2024 marks the 450th anniversary of the founding of the Berlinisches Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster.

Located at the former site of the Berlin Franciscans in Klosterstraße, it remained there until 1945. Following the destruction of the war and demolition, only the ruins of the monastery church remain as a reminder of the monastery and the school. Teachers at this oldest grammar school in Berlin included the hymn composer Johann Crüger and "father of gymnastics" Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, while students included the later draughtsman and sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow, architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

Using graphic views and portraits from the collection of the Stadtmuseum Berlin, collection manager Andreas Teltow and colleague Karin Dömsky remind us of this traditional, now almost forgotten old Berlin location.

A cooperation with the Streit Foundation in Berlin.
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