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You can check in at the post office! That's the philosophy of Greek power woman Panagiota Petridou and probably also the reason why she has been named Germany's best MINI new car saleswoman several times! Getting there was anything but easy. With her Rhenish-Greek manner and a name that resembles an Italian dessert, she shimmies her way from the car dealership to the red carpet, mercilessly wearing her heart on her sleeve. Come what may: car hunter Panagiota Petridou has never let a potential prey escape. With a lot of charm and wit, she always reliably reaches her goal!

Panagiota Petridou
Panagiota Petridou © Liborio Cappello

Experience first-hand how a child of Greek immigrants has become a spirited solo entertainer who masters the balancing act between everyday life, TV and celebrity every day! Fasten your seatbelts and put your seats in an upright position when Greek passion meets German humor and it's Panagiota Petridou Live - Wer bremst, verliert!

(Program in German)

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