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Expert guided tour on music, opera and theater at the court of Frederick the Great with palace employee Andreas Woche, SPSG

The New Palace in Sanssouci Park was built between 1763 and 1769 under the Prussian King Frederick II. In addition to princely guest apartments and banqueting halls, the king had a palace theater built in the southern wing. Today, it is one of the few historic palace theaters still in use in Germany.

Neues Palais, Theatersaal
Neues Palais, Theatersaal © SPSG / Dr. Bauers

The expert tour with Andreas Woche is dedicated to music, theater and opera at the Frederician court of the 18th century, gives an overview of the court artists active under Frederick II and provides an exclusive insight into the palace theater of the New Palace.

Language: German
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Park Sanssouci - Neues Palais