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Post/Socialist Palaces

Wasn't the Glass Flower standing there? Wasn't Wolfgang Mattheuer's "Good Day" hanging in the back?

To see the Palace of the Republic from the inside... Many people have this wish - especially those who like to remember it! With their installation "Palace of Remembrance", the CyberRäuber make the impossible possible with the help of virtual reality. In a two-year project, anecdotes, impressions and things are collected, which flow into the VR installation and turn it into a virtual work of art.

Immerse yourself in the palace and revive your memories! Or meet it for the first time! The virtual palace model, which will continue to be built until 2024, will open its doors to you on Oct. 3, 2022.

The installation "Palace of Memory" is being developed for the special exhibition on the Palace of the Republic in spring 2024.


Marcel Karnapke and Björn Lengers have been working together on art in digital space as CyberRäuber since 2016. With an "arguably unique mix of affinity for technology, pioneering spirit, pragmatism and love of theater" (Theater der Zeit), they create productions and projects that are driven by a great curiosity about the creative possibilities of technology and are shown in galleries, municipal theaters and at international festivals.

- free of charge
- 15 min per timeslot, on-site tickets for timeslots
- Languages: German, No language skills required
- Sight: Kleines Foyer, ground floor 

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