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Markurt, Zscharnt

"A train rarely comes alone and if it does, then it was the last one." Seven figures hang around at the station. Some never wanted to be here and some never wanted to be anywhere else. Well, now they have no choice.

In the shimmering heat, the raspy tunes of hits can be heard from a transistor radio in the station café. Now and then a cryptic wisdom from the loudspeaker. Otherwise just noise. The waiting burns under the fingernails while the moss settles on the tracks and the Kippenberg in the smoking corner takes on forms that can be climbed.

The all-important question from the telephone receiver: "Baby, are you still arriving today?"
Additional information
Participating artists
Mario Carstensen (Technische Leitung)
Leander Hagen (Technische Leitung)
Greta Markurt (Text & Regie)
Vanessa Unzalu Troya (P14 - Leitung)
Luna Zscharnt (Text & Regie)
Greta Markurt (Autor/in)
Luna Zscharnt (Autor/in)
Omayma Baklee (mit)
Lilli Biller (mit)
Asena Ersöz (mit)
Ifigeneia Gkotsi (mit)
Lilith Krause (mit)
Emma Schall (mit)
Djahangir Schina (mit)
Zoe Stein (mit)
Fee Aviv Dubois (Live-Musik)
Fee Aviv Dubois (Musik)
Carlotta Schuhmann (Bühne)
Nina Ballhause (Kostüme)
Greta Markurt (Musik)
Moe Schroth (Dramaturgie)