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Monthati Masebe | Jessie Cox | Audrey Chen | Sami Waro | Musiker*innen des Trickster Orchestra

Where do people find sources of healing? What is the source of music? Breath? The project "Sources" of the transtraditional concert series "Outernational" explores these questions collectively together with international soloists from different musical traditions at a concert evening in the Radialsystem.

Audrey Chen investigates the origin of her voice in an experimental way. In a new composition, Jessie Cox opens spaces of a post-migrant future. Monthati Masebe collects archive recordings of forgotten singing traditions from South Africa and invites you to a ritual of healing with her composition. Sami Waro processes influences from Maloya, the endemic music of the island of La Réunion, on his self-made electronic kora - a West African bridge harp.

The Radialsystem hall becomes a “Sea of Islands” (Epeli Hau’ofa), in which open ends are improvised and reconnected and the audience can move freely around the musicians. An evening between outrageous music, trance and healing, in which we can come together again.

International Listening Session

On the evening before the concert, Jessie Cox and Monthati Masebe will exchange views on the political, social and postcolonial aspects of Quellen in a listening session at Radialsystem.

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Additional information
"Outernational" is supported by the Allianz Foundation, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, the ZEIT Foundation, Impuls neue Musik / Institut français Paris and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. In collaboration with Radialsystem.
Participating artists
Lina Allemano (Trompete)
Ketan Bhatti (Komposition & Schlagzeug)
Matthew Bookert (Tuba)
Audrey Chen (Stimme)
Jessie Cox (Komposition & Perkussion)
Mohamad Fityan (Ney)
Susanne Fröhlich (Flöten)
Monthati Masebe (Komposition & Stimme)
Mona Matbou Riahi (Klarinette)
Taiko Saito (Vibrafon)
Cymin Samawatie (Komposition, Klavier & Stimme)
Ralf Schwarz (Kontrabass)
Tashi Dorji (Gitarre)
Sami Waro (Kora)
Jessie Cox , Monthati Masebe (Listening Session mit)
Elisa Erkelenz (Kuration & Dramaturgie)