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In his brand new stage program "It's good that you ask!", the father of a family who was born and raised in Berlin focuses on his exciting life on the border of East Berlin.

The extremely extroverted comedian, who inspires and enthralls the audience with his energy, his point of view and his pointed punchlines, takes you into his world: above all into all the pigeonholes into which he is regularly put in his everyday life.

Osan Yaran is the winner of numerous comedy awards. Most recently, in 2019, he won the prized and highly regarded audience award at the "Stuttgarter Besen" and he also has a lot to show for as a presenter: from 2017 to 2020 he was the host of the talent factory in the "Quatsch Comedy Club"; He is always welcome in shows like “Nightwash” and “1LIVE” also regularly books the lively Ossi-Turk.

(Program in German)

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