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Oropax, the never-gone beauty knights of comedy, are back. In his handbag: the new show "Test Winner at the Vertex.". Traditionally foolhardy and shrill, the intellectual underdogs celebrate a colorful summit of futility. In the intoxication of the evening, they start a marathon of word acrobatics. Waiting for the goal: the cogni-deep EROSions.

Oropax: Testsieger am Scheitel
Oropax: Testsieger am Scheitel PROMO

Thomas and Volker, the slowest shooting stars in comedy history, this time are test winners in the hairy category Vertex with point - but without Pony. Stoned spectators and paid relatives rated this show as "enormously funny" and gave eight out of five stars *** ***. "Test winner on the vertex." Presents, among other things: the home-home agents Pinski, double-beaver teeth, baroque rock-go-go, the secret of the majority and tropical monks.

The bald-headed Volker celebrates his comb-bake - because only then is the way clear to the GmbHaar. Are you just reading the difference between fryers and hairdressers? Long live the double monk singularity, long live this analog live show!

Long live the brotherly duality urge!

(Program in German)

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