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It's finally that time again: The winter original edition of the Schreibhain Author School features new debut authors and invites you to an entertaining literary evening in the Brotfabrik. That evening you have the opportunity to be there live when six authors, six new narrative voices and six talents present their fresh texts in front of an audience. Sometimes it's lively, sometimes exciting, the change in rhythm, tempo and tone is both a stated program and a promise.

The authors take you on a journey right into the beating heart of a lively Berlin literary scene. Leonard Schäfer, Annekatrin Himmelreich, Chris Staedter, Eva Sybille Engels, Valeska Marina Stach and Henrik Friedrichsen will read.

The evening will be moderated by Tanja Steinlechner, the owner and director of the Schreibhain Author School.

(Program in German)

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