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Dominik Susteck (organ) and Tobias Tobit Hagedorn (electronics) play works by Hosseini, Susteck and Hagedorn. Three recent compositions and improvisations for organ and electronics are on the program.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Orgelkonzert
© Sophienkirche - Kirchengemeinde am Weinberg

In combination with electronic sounds, the centuries-old instrument organ is made to sound in an unusual way and placed in a new context.

Performed works:

Farhad Ilaghi Hosseini (*1985)
sysThema (2021) for organ and electronics
Improvisation for organ and electronics

Tobias Tobit Hagedorn (*1987)
"Memories" for organ and tape (2022)
improvisation for organ and electronics

Dominik Susteck (*1977)
Unsecured territory (2022) for organ and electronics

Dominik Susteck (organ), Tobias Tobit Hagedorn (electronics) both appear as composers as well as performers.

Iranian-born composer Farhad Ilaghi Hosseini composed an eruptive piece that alternates between high-pitched sounds and rhythmic cascades. Tobias Tobit Hagedorn varies various recumbent sounds, some of which are carefully varied in their recollection. Dominik Susteck processes sonic forays through the city of Esch sur Alzette (Luxembourg), European Capital of Culture 2022.

Admission: 10 € / 5 € / 0 € (under 18)
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