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Concert evening in the Silent Green cultural quarter in the Domed Hall

In the "Silent Green" there is classical music with a difference: after the highly acclaimed production "St. John Passion for tenor alone, harpsichord, organ and percussion", harpsichordist Elina Albach takes on another well-known work to reinterpret it in a modern form: Claudio Monteverdi's opera "L'ORFEO".

CONTINUUM © visitBerlin, Foto: CONTINUUM

As early as 1607, Claudio Monteverdi's "L'Orfeo" found in the ancient material a formative form of art music in modern times. The story of Orpheus, who descends into the underworld to bring his deceased lover Eurydice back to life, but loses her because he was unable to overcome himself, has often been told. In Monteverdi's work, it acquires a musical power and brilliance bubbling with desire for something new. And through detours, a happy ending.

CONTINUUM presents the great baroque opera as an intimate concert narrative and scenic head cinema. The ensemble leaves the great halls behind and lets Orpheus perform where he himself saw his destiny fulfilled - underground, in the caves, in the cellars, in the clubs under the streets.
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Admission: 20€
Reduced: 12€
Participating artists
Lambert Colson
Philipp Lamprecht
Liam Byrne
Elina Albach