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The exhibition engages in profound introspection into how the idea of 'ordinary' has seamlessly merged with the extraordinary. It presents a collection of perspectives from diverse human disasters that have followed the pandemic, including wars and other profound disasters.

Gina Buenfeld-Murley, Shi-ne Oh and Maria Lund have selected five artists for the exhibition:

Yang-Ha's artistic series was inspired by the 2020 bombing of the joint liaison offices of North and South Korea. She collected contradictory images from history and religion and reconstructed the images on flat media. Her interpretation of explosions as soft, flat shapes with reduced brushstrokes and muted tones reflects her criticism of society.

Shin Jungkyun tells a story that blends reality and fiction through archives of found objects and mockumentary videos. And these works question the relationship between the individual and the group.

Miguel Rozas Balboa's works invite you to think outside the box and take a closer look at the world around you, discovering beauty and humanity in unusual places.

Jiyoon Park captures surreal and unusual moments in everyday life and gives them a new contextualization to propose unconventional perspectives on this world.

Inkyung Kwon focuses on the space called home, the situations within it and the psychological attitudes. By creating an individual space, your own identity is created. This space is seen as a unique space. She describes that people use memories and thoughts to find their identity.

This exhibition is a collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center of Great Britain and the Korean Cultural Center of France.
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