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Music theater project COLLECTIVE

In a world where new events such as wars, riots, pandemics and emigration happen every day, new technologies are making people perceive the reality around them in a whole new way. The constant shift between analogue and digital realities has led to people perceiving topics, facts and events differently, both emotionally and rationally.

Although the senses such as hearing, sight, temperature, touch, pain and feeling are based on an evolutionary nervous system that is thousands of years old, the question arises as to whether this perceptual system can adapt to changing requirements.

What happens to all the memories, hurts and trauma from today's world and what remains for the next generations?

COLLECTIVE; Opus 135 - Exposition II" is a hybrid collective music theater project by Amen Feizabadi (composer and director from Berlin and Tehran), realized in collaboration with the Sonar Quartet, the Iranian author, director and actress Elham Korda, the deaf performer Ines Konietzko-Fischer and the mezzo-soprano Claudia van Hasselt.

This music theater project not only focuses on mere "hearing", but also on the diverse hybrid forms of communication and mutual understanding that are expressed in transdisciplinary narrative forms. It allows to understand the impact of differences and diversity on perception, relationships and society. By using different artistic media and creating hybrid ones narrative forms, the project opens up a space for reflection, dialogue and change.

The project is aimed at a culturally and physically mixed audience, which also includes deaf people in the performance.

  • Amen Feizabadi (director, concept, composition, artistic & musical direction)
  • Elham Korda (Director, Text, Dramaturgy)

The Sonar Quartet:
  • Susanne Zapf (violin alternating)
  • Wojciech Garbowski (violin alternating)
  • Ian Anderson (viola)
  • Konstantin Manaev (cello)
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