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In 1979, in the midst of the Cold War, Hamlet stands at the crossroads between systems in Heiner Müller's Shakespearean paraphrase Hamletmachine, which is as radical as it is epoch-making, worn down by ossified ideologies, dulled by brutality and mindlessness. In 2022, over forty years later, Ophelia now takes his place.

Berliner Ensemble Außenansicht
Berliner Ensemble Außenansicht © Monika Ritterhaus

In Magda Romanska's post-dramatic response to Müller, she attempts to take over the narrative as the author of her own fragmented history: as a lover and a madwoman on a mountain of rubble of Western values and commodities. With Opheliamaschine, staged by Lithuanian director Uršulė Barto, WORX kicks off.

In the Werkraum in September and October, "Pay what you want" applies: the audience pays as much as they want at the end of the performance!

(Program in German)
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Participating artists
Magda Romanska (Autor/in)
Uršulė Barto
Katja Pech
Jan-Stephan Schmieding
Berliner Ensemble - Werkraum
Berliner Ensemble - Werkraum
Berliner Ensemble - Werkraum