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Official opening of the Hans Uhlmann exhibitions. Experimental Shaping (February 16 – May 13, 2024), Closer to Nature. Building with mushrooms, trees, clay (February 16th – October 14th, 2024), Kotti-Shop/SuperFuture (February 16th – May 13th, 2024).

Entry from 6 p.m., admission free


Dr. Thomas Köhler, director of the Berlin Gallery

Dr. Ilka Voermann, head of the graphic collection and curator of the “Hans Uhlmann” exhibition

Ursula Müller, head of the architectural collection and curator of the exhibition “Closer to Nature”

Speeches will be simultaneously interpreted into German sign language.

Music afterwards

Catering by Café Dix by Barkin’Kitchen
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Price info: Admission free