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in the Spandau Citadel

Below you will find an overview of the special events and current exhibitions on 9-10.9.2023 at the Citadel.

The Open Monument Day will take place in Berlin on 9-10 September 2023. Since 1993, the Open Monument Day has been held nationwide as part of the European Heritage Days.


Saturday, 9.9.2023

2 pm  Public guided tour Zitadelle Spandau

Sunday, 10.9.2023

10 am – 5 am Monument workshop: Is that art, or should it go? What to do with problematic heritage? An artistic intervention by pupils of the Heinrich-Böll-Oberschule. | Proviantmagazin

11 am – 5 pm “BISMARCK – Aus.Einander.Setzung” with the exhibition “Bismarck-Streit”. Creative hands-on booths for young and old. With a bookbinding booth where upper school students can learn different bookbinding techniques for sketchbooks and study books. | Jugendkunstschule Bastion Kronprinz

11 am Insights into the making of the exhibition “Unveiled. Berlin and its monuments” with collection manager Carmen Mann. | Proviantmagazin  (DGS)

12 am Public guided tour Zitadelle Spandau

1 pm Show depot tour of the new “toxic monuments” with museum director Dr. Urte Evert. | Bastion Königin

2 pm Public guided tour Zitadelle Spandau (DGS)

3 pm & 4:30 pm Scenic guided tour Zitadelle Spandau

3 pm Traces of the Wehrmacht at the Citadel – guided tour with visit to the gas protection laboratories with museum director Dr. Urte Evert. | Torhaus

4 pm Guided tour of the exhibition “Bismarck-Streit”, with curator Johanna Riedel. | Zeughaus

5:30 pm Jazz & Drinks in the Ex-Halle: Pippo Miller. Jazz, Brazilian music, art song – Lutz Wolf/ wing horn and Pier Paolo Bertoli/chords.| Exerzierhalle

7 pm Atomic Gauguin – A participatory media performance by Alfred Banze. Paul Gauguin lives today in a Berlin allotment and then in the South Seas! A humorous tour de force through global art and colonial histories with film, song, painting and expressive dance. | Italienische Höfe
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