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Guided tours and lectures - in cooperation with the "KAHO - Raum für Kultur" and the "Geschichtsfreunde Karlshorst im Kulturring in Berlin e.V.".

On the weekend of the Open Monument Day on 10/11 September 2022, the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst will host an extensive program of guided tours and lectures.

Der Wintergarten des Museums Berlin-Karlshorst
Der Wintergarten des Museums Berlin-Karlshorst © Foto: Harry Schnitger, Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

Among them are lectures by museum staff members dedicated to the large-scale weapons in the museum garden, the history of Karlshorst as an intelligence and military site, and current questions about the museum's handling of the war in Ukraine.

Tours and guided tours:

Sat and Sun - 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day:
"The Museum at the Historical Site of the Surrender on May 8, 1945 - Past and Present".

Sat and Sun - 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. each:
"Secret Karlshorst" - the former Soviet restricted area.
Start at the museum. The tour ends at the former Soviet theater, today KAHO.

Sat and Sun - 12 noon and 4 p.m. each day:
"The Karlshorst airfield - military base since 1916".
In cooperation with the History Friends of Karlshorst in the Kulturring in Berlin e.V.

SATURDAY, 10.9.2022

Lectures in the winter garden of the museum:

at 11 a.m.: Weapons in the Museum. Cultures of memory in international comparison
(Carolin Savchuk, Education & Outreach and Svetlana Boltovska, Collection, both Museum Berlin-Karlshorst).

Afterwards, the Soviet military equipment on display in the museum can be viewed until 6 pm. Museum staff and restorers will be available to answer questions from the public.

at 2 p.m.: Airmen and Pioneers. Karlshorst as a Military Location before 1945
(Wolfgang Schneider, historian, History Friends of Karlshorst in the Kulturring in Berlin e.V.)

at 5 p.m.: Soviet soldiers in Karlshorst 1945-1994
(Christoph Meißner, research assistant, University of Düsseldorf)

SUNDAY, 11.9.22

Lectures in the Winter Garden of the Museum:

at 11 a.m.: Secret Services in Karlshorst at the Beginning of the Cold War
(Ricardo Neuner, Scientific Volunteer, Museum Berlin-Karlshorst)

at 2 p.m.: Government Quarter Karlshorst. Soviet Military Administration - City Commander - Ministries (Jörg Morré, Director, Museum Berlin-Karlshorst)

at 5 p.m.: The Museum in Karlshorst 1967-2022
(Jörg Morré, Director, Museum Berlin-Karlshorst)

Admission is free.

Registration is not necessary.
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Deutsch-Russisches Museum Karlshorst