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Theatre in the Castle Courtyar - Wandertheater Ton und Kirschen

The times they live in prompted the Clay and Cherries Theatre - which spans three generations - to change the title of their new project. Instead of JUBILÄUM, they have called it THE OPEN DOOR.

The international theatre group can recognise itself much better in it. For 30 years they have been performing - with few exceptions - in the open air, during the day or in the evening. In various settings such as towns, villages, meadows and also in fields, it has built its stage in full view of everyone. Their "door" has always been open so far, and they are lucky that it can remain open.

The project THE OPEN DOOR gives all performers the opportunity to trace their own experiences in order to give them shape. Authors such as Shakespeare, Franz Kafka, Joseph Roth, Euripides, Erich Fried, Lewis Caroll, a fairy tale by Charles Perrault, Rainer Maria Rilke and Gabriel Garcia Marquez have also inspired them on this theme.

It is a creation in which they use a variety of means to tell the important themes very close to the audience in order to share them with them.

Margarete Biereye and David Johnston
in collaboration with

Julie Biereye
Margaret Biereye
David Johnston
Rob Wyn Jones
Nelson Leon
Zina Méziat
Daisy Watkiss

Daisy Watkiss

Régis Gergouin
Nelson Leon
Daisy Watkiss

Catherine Launay

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