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It's finally that time again, it's open-air cinema time and the Wendenschloss lido cordially invites you to the film event at the Wendenschloss lido! In the open air and right on the water, you can enjoy a unique cinema experience together with friends and family. An exciting selection of films has been put together for you, with something for every taste. Look forward to an unforgettable evening with a great atmosphere, delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. The team looks forward to seeing you.

Movie: "The Fox"

Film content: In the mid-1920s, the Austrian family Streitberger hands over their youngest son Franz (Simon Morzé) to a large farmer. He should support them with hard work on the big farmer's estate. When he comes of age, however, he decides that enough is enough and resigns. Even after so many years, he is still angry and disappointed that he was simply forced into servitude when he was so young and joins the army in search of a new job. But the sensitive Franz prefers to keep to himself and does not go down well with the other soldiers. In 1940 the company was to launch the attack on France. But Franz accidentally finds an injured fox cub and takes care of it. Nursing the young fox back to health, he discovers that it triggers feelings in him that he had locked away so deep a long time ago.

  • Admission: 6:00 p.m
  • Start: 9:00 p.m
  • Regular price: €9.00
  • Reduced price: €7.00
(Reductions only with proof at the cash desk. People with disabilities, students, pupils from 3-18 years, trainees & BerlinPass are entitled to a reduced rate)

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