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Film journalist Knut Elstermann presents a very personal selection from the work of the Italian director in a series of films.

The series starts with "La Strada - Das Lied der Straße" from 1954, one of the most respected Fellini films and the one that established his world fame. With Anthony Quinn as Zampanó and Guilietta Masina, Fellini's wife, as Gelsomina, the director tells the story of an unlikely couple. A sad, funny and poetic film at the same time.

Guest of the evening: Adriana Altaras | Author, director, actress

Born in Zagreb (Croatia) to Jewish partisans, she lived in Italy before her family moved to Germany. Her bestseller "Tito's Glasses" describes her eventful life. With her new book "Better alone than in bad company" she is commemorating her aunt from Mantua (Italy).
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