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Musical intercultural tour

Baroque chamber music from Germany will be combined with world premieres of works by Taiwanese composers, who in turn were inspired by music from the 17th and 18th centuries.

In this way, an epoch-spanning musical tour between Germany and Taiwan is created from historical and modern tonal language. Seven musicians and five composers each move in and between these two worlds and cultures.

  • Chia Hsuan Tsai Harpsichord
  • Yu Ma transverse flute
  • Hsu-Mo Chien baroque violin
  • Chia Hua Chiang baroque cello
  • Shih-cheng Liu flute
  • Fei-Wen Lee Oboe
  • Shih Yu Yu wood cello
Performed Works:

Ling Huei Tsai
Chin Thoughts X

Johann Pachelbel
Partita 2 from Musical Delight

Chien Yu Tai
Blooming time

Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio Sonata in F major BWV 1040

Hwang Long Pan
Dialogue and Fusion (world premiere)

Johann Gottlieb Graun
Sonata a Tre con Fuga

Chung Yuan Yu

Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach
Trio Sonata in C minor Wq 161.1

Shih Hui Chen
Perpetual Movable Games

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Additional information
Participating artists
Chia-Hsuan Tsai
Yu Ma
Hsu-Mo Chien
Chia-Hua Chiang
Shih-Cheng Liu
Fei-Wen Lee
Shih-Yu Yu-Holz