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"Through a combination of experimental electronic beats and nostalgic Turkish pop, "O-Shaped Songs" offers more than just music: it is a journey through exile, grief and longing. The five songs are anthems for queer migrant women in search of one are at home.

“O-Shaped Songs” is a reminder that while true belonging may be elusive, fleeting moments of deep connection can be created. With Berlin as the backdrop - home to many immigrants, political and queer refugees - "O-Shaped Songs" shows the deep emptiness of this urban metropolis, which sees itself as a safe haven for free spirits, but at the same time constantly reminds us that it is not really this includes."

O Biçim Şarkılar - O Shaped Songs - Anthony Hüseyin

As part of the Proud Haram festival

Language: Songs in Turkish, monologues in English

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